About Me

I am a product designer with a background in software development. I have always been enthusiastically involved with all things tech and design. Through my diverse experiences in working with product teams, I have designed and developed a diverse array products following a human centered design approach.

I’m a lover of intuitive design, with a passion for emerging technology to re-imagine user experiences. I approach every pixel with an intention to  find a healthy medium between stakeholder and user needs.

When I’m not heads down at work, you’ll catch me on a long urban hike, playing my ukulele, making some art, exploring unknown cities abroad, or consuming obnoxious amount of exotic food.

You can find me on Linkedin , read my Resume, or better yet, shoot me an Email.  

I recently graduated with a Master's in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan. I served as a graduate student instructor and taught a graduate level course - "Database Application Design with Django" to over 50 graduate students in Fall 2020.
In my short stint at the University, I have been a part of several ICTD related research groups. Most recently, I was a researcher with the Social Innovations Research group working with Professor Tawanna Dillahunt and developing solutions to improve socio-economic situations of low income populations. CSCW'20

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