Hi There!

I am Ruchita Lodha, a developer turned designer focusing on developing MVP digital products, UX/UI design and empathetic design thinking. 


As a web developer I've launched products ranging from B2C mobile apps to B2B enterprise softwares.

In my free time I like to paint, play my ukulele, and travel.

By blending my love for art, music, travel and technology, I strive to continuously create experiences that transcend the usual design tropes of interaction.

Currently studying Human Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan.



UX Design

I started coding when I was 17 and always loved to create things. However, at first these programs did not consider users; they were designed around the structure of the language rather than how people would use them.

When I started doing web development, I got really curious about users and began to ask my clients “Why?”. Realising the importance of the user, I began to think of the user experience holistically: marketing, content, user flows, etc.

Now I design experiences considering technology, humans and business outcomes. I design with empathy and facilitate design through leadership all while considering: accessibility, feasibility, security and more.


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" They talk a lot, Don't they? "

Frieda Kahlo

Feet, what do I need you for when I can fly!

Save the blue.

Nirvana Mind


Faceless self-portrait

Lost in Translation

Flower Poster

Kiss that evening

Dark humour


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