Client: Instamojo

 App Development

Role: Senior UI Developer

Year 2018

Team: 3

An app for small and medium scaled businesses to create and manage shipments .

MojoXpress is a simple fast and reliable shipping service by Instamojo which helps to manage and scale micro and medium level businesses to their full potential. Currently, the service can be used by merchants to ship their products to any location with a few simple steps and with a minimal fee towards Instamojo.

I was involved in the ideation, interaction design and development of the product. A shipping service like this required the understanding of businesses and their need for a micro scaled logistics service. The

product needed to be easy to use and had to appeal to the local Indian merchants. Since the application handled a lot of server requests at the same time, it was optimised for speed and tested for load.


Code technologies I got involved with while working on this project.

  • UI/UX Architecture

  • UI/UX Animations

  • React

  • Redux

  • Webpack

  • Javascript ES6

  • CSS3 – CSS Modules, SASS, PostCSS

  • HTML5 – semantic, video, canvas

  • Gulp


Live Product:

Designed with ❤ by Ruchita